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Eight Caprices and Other Works for Solo Flute

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pm 0028
Digital Score
IV + 4 + 36
232 x 305 mm
March, 2015

This score is available in digital format only.


American flutist Eric Lamb presents a rarely heard collection of 15 solo flute pieces (Fantasies, Minuets, Sarabandes etc.) and the complete Eight Caprices by Johann Joachim Quantz. The source for this edition is the manuscript preserved by the Royal Library of Copenhagen under the title Fantasier og Preludier. // 8 Capricier og andre Stykker til Øvelse for Flöÿten af Quantz. These pieces are far more than etudes or finger gymnastics, but rather a telescopic look at performance practice, style and technique of the 1700s throughout Europe. This edition accompanies Eric Lamb’s acclaimed recording Quantz: Solo Flute Music (paladino music PMR0060) and presents many of those pieces for the first time in modern print.



  • Alla Francese No. 10 in D Major, QV 3:1.3
  • Fantasia No. 1 in D Major, QV 3:1.5
  • Adagio No. 51 in B Minor, QV 3:1.22
  • Allegro in E Minor (by Johann Martin Blochwitz)
  • Minuetto Da Capo in D Major
  • Minuetto Da Capo in E Minor
  • Fantasia No. 3 in E Minor, QV 3:1.9
  • Allemande No. 44 in E Minor (by Johann Martin Blochwitz)
  • Sarabande in G Major (by Johann Martin Blochwitz)
  • Praeludium No. 15 in D Major, QV 3:1.7
  • Capricio No. 1 in D Minor, QV 3:1.8
  • Capricio No. 2 in E Minor, QV 3:1.10
  • Capricio No. 3 in F Major, QV 3:1.12
  • Capricio No. 4 in G Major, QV 3:1.15
  • Capricio No. 5 in G Major, QV 3:1.17
  • Capricio No. 6 in G Major, QV 3:1.14
  • Capricio No. 7 in A Minor, QV 3:1.19
  • Capricio No. 8 in B Flat Major, QV 3:1.21
  • Minuetto No. 2 in B Flat Major, QV 3:1.23
  • Fantasia No. 6 in C Major, QV 3:1.1
  • Fantasia No. 9 in C Major, QV 3.1.2
  • Allemande No. 45 in E Minor (by Johann Martin Blochwitz)
  • Menuet “L’Inconu” (by Michel Blavet)